Welcome To PGN - Epsilon Theta !

University of Wisconsin - Madison.

Who We Are ?

In the spring of 2019, four students had an idea: to bring together a group of people and to build an organization focused on fundamental pillars: professionalism, philanthropy, and brotherhood. The idea was for this organization to be a place for students to grow – as professionals, and as individuals. They envisioned a place that offered professional development and opportunities, gave back to the surrounding community, and provided members with a home and family at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Through this vision, the Epsilon-Theta Chapter of Phi Gamma Nu, a nationally recognized professional fraternity, was founded with currently 100 members and counting.

Why Get Involved ?

We pride ourselves on three pillars: professional, social, and philanthropy. As a member of Phi Gamma Nu, you have access to a network of dynamic leaders, both on and off-campus. That building, growth, and improvement results from new members, new ideas, and new partnerships. We constantly look to better ourselves and this organization; we welcome new members and partnerships.

How to join PGN ?

Step 1: Attend Two Recruitment Events

Step 2: Application

Step 3 (Invite Only): Interview

Step 4: Complete New Member Program

Step 5: Official Member of PGN

For more details, check out our recruitment page.

This is PGN

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